Walking Dead's [SPOILER] Actually Survived the Season 8 Finale

Danai Gurira as Michonne Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes leading Team Rick

Danai Gurira as Michonne Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes leading Team Rick

As Negan was starting to listen, Rick reached out and slashed his throat with a piece of broken glass, wounding, but not killing him. And then there was a ridiculous distraction that had Gabriel jumping out of the vehicle as it swerved to avoid a walker and running through the woods, except his eyesight was so bad he was running into trees, so of course he got caught. It was before Eugene was taken, we had had that storyline.

The Saviors did indeed look to have the upper hand as they suddenly appeared over a rise, outnumbering Rick's group.

But when the Saviors prepared to start killing, all of the bullets backfired and killed them. (So yes, Eugene is a good guy after all, but Rosita still punched him in the face for puking on her.) Rick's people charged and dispatched a bunch more Saviors with a minimum of fuss and the rest surrendered. Will Austin Amelio be back or is this the end of Dwight's run on the show? I know Negan got shot in the hand, but you're telling me he couldn't have taken out Dwight, whose freakin' hands were bound, with Lucille?

Alden and the captured Saviors head outside the Hilltop walls to clear the walkers for when the group will roll out to battle. When he left the Saviors, he didn't really care about making sure they were stable after his departure. However, at that very moment the women of Oceanside arrive and begin to firebomb The Saviors trying to breach the walls.

Be warned! This review will cover aspects of the episode.

Meanwhile, at the same time that Negan's ambush of Rick is blowing up in his face, the sneak attack on the Hilltop is suffering its own setback. Negan fell for it. He had actually wanted to kill Rick but didn't want to do it in front of Carl. Negan tells Rick that during that first encounter when he killed Glenn and Abraham, he made a choice to kill them.

"Look what you did". "Carl didn't know a damn thing".

But then Rick, thinking of Carl, chose to save Negan's life - and Maggie lost her s-t. He went back to their old meeting spot where he found another letter from her with with the word "Honeymoon" on it and an infinity symbol. "It's not over until he's dead". The communities are going to find a new way to live together. "There's gotta be something after", he said, echoing Carl again.

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At least we got some half-decent character development.

After he spared Negan, Maggie had a breakdown.

Rick and Michonne go to see Negan, who is recovering.

The Walking Dead will return for season 9 in the 2018-2019 TV season on AMC. Rick letting Negan live is done in his memory, but the weight of that decision is somewhat removed when Carl himself is no longer around to see it. Besides that, the character of Madison bears no resemblance to Alpha in the comics and it's unlikely that things have changed that much in the time jump.

While Rick may think everything will be just dandy with Jeffrey Dean Morgan's villain in jail, a few of his best friends have something else in mind. But, she tells Jesus (Thom Payne) and Daryl (Norman Reedus), that Rick and Michonne (Danai Gurira) were wrong to keep Negan alive.

Meanwhile, back at the Hilltop, the Saviors approach.

However, I have a feeling that Maggie and Daryl may put a kink in those plans.

"Her", of course, was Dwight's wife Sherry. So I guess Dwight will be just fine. But Rick may have more pressing problems closer to home.

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