What Did Bombing Syria Accomplish?

A missile from the air defenses belonging to the Syrian Arab Air Force attempts to intercept a coalition missile in Damascus

A missile from the air defenses belonging to the Syrian Arab Air Force attempts to intercept a coalition missile in Damascus

"More bombings and the continued presence of 2,000 US troops in northeast Syria. would undoubtedly prolong the war and the suffering of Syria's people", Glass told USA TODAY.

"There's been so much anticipation all week".

But Chris Edelson, an American University professor who studies presidential war powers, said Trump - like previous presidents - has taken advantage of congressional gridlock to enhance the war powers of the president. Iran's Supreme Leader called the attack a crime and the country's Revolutionary Guard Corps said it gave "the resistance a more open hand", although it did not threaten to retaliate.

Emmanuel Macron, the French president, was expected to strike a similar tone in a TV interview planned for last night. Could not have had a better result.

The U.S. has raised the prospect of more sanctions against Russian Federation.

A banner proclaiming "Mission Accomplished" loomed in the background as Bush declared the end of major combat operations in Iraq, a claim belied by the years of hard fighting that followed.

The military strike was conducted to deter Assad's brutal behavior with its citizens and to give a message to Russian Federation and Iran, which have backed his government.

Macron, speaking on French television BFM and online site Mediapart, said "we are preparing a political solution" aiming at allowing a political solution for Syria. But with Trump's prior announcement of the strike, none of the goals could possibly have been achieved.

US Vice President Mike Pence, who is substituting for Trump at the Summit of the Americas in Lima, Peru, noted that Russian Federation had agreed to be the guarantor of an agreement reached in 2014 created to eliminate 100% the chemical weapons in Syria, and the worldwide community is now demanding that it live up to those commitments. In fact, he was never in favor of the attack.

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Russian Federation and Iran called the use of force by the United States and its French and British allies a "military crime" and "act of aggression".

The missile strikes launched by the three countries "only show their impotence, while the army wiped out the terrorism they were funding", said the young woman. However, airfields can easily be rebuilt.

The strikes came after the Assad regime was accused of carrying out a chemical attack in Syria's Douma, which killed 78 civilians and injured hundreds of others.

Global officials are working to try to confirm the suspected poison gas attack on Douma. Despite the damage and destruction, the airbase was operational the next day and conducted bombing raids on rebel-held areas. "Better than a military strike would be serious discussions between the US and Russian Federation on ending the conflict".

Responding to criticism that Trump last month somehow encouraged Assad to use chlorine bombs against his how people by indicating that he wanted 2,000 US troops in Syria to withdraw, Haley said the president has made it clear soldiers will remain until the job is finished. On the other hand, Mr. Trump has dragged the USA deeper into the Syrian civil war.

The most affected people by the strikes are the embattled Syrians.

The strikes on Syria were launched at 9 p.m. ET Friday, the early hours of Saturday morning for Europe and the Middle East.

Renewed air raids were also carried out on civilians homes in the cities of DeirFoul and Qunaitrat, the organization said.

Critics, however, claimed Sunday that Trump was premature.

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