Who is Alfie Evans and why are his parents back in court?

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An end-of-life care plan for Alfie has been drawn up by specialists at Alder Hey after a High Court granted doctors the right to withdraw his life support.

The Court of Appeal in the United Kingdom ruled against the parents of a 23-month-old boy on life support.

The parents lost their bid to allow Alfie to be taken overseas for treatment.

They lost a challenge at the Court of Appeal to the ruling he should have palliative care and failed to have the decision overturned at the Supreme Court and European Court of Human Rights.

A United Kingdom judge denied an appeal from Alfie Evans' parents Monday to have him treated outside the country, saying their parental rights did not matter.

But judges again ruled in favour of Alder Hey Children's Hospital, where Alfie is receiving treatment for an undiagnosed degenerative brain disease. He argued that it was a deprivation of Alfie's liberty in not letting him travel to a different hospital.

"We're never going to give up on you, Alfie".

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In the early hours of this morning, the force confirmed it was present while clarity was sought over Alfie's care with the judge who had overseen previous court hearings on his future. Moylan, however, disagreed on the basis that the court had already decided that it was in Alfie's best interest to remain at Alder Hey hospital.

Alder Hey Children's Hospital said in a statement: "At each stage of the legal process the courts have agreed with expert advisers... that Alfie's condition is untreatable".

The justice also stated that it is "wrong to say that the parents' own views can trump that judicial determination".

Alfie's parents said they believed he was still responsive to them, and his father told reporters outside court his boy was "improving". Courts have refused to allow the parents to determine what is in Alfie's best interest.

Bosses at a group which fights for Christians' rights, the Christian Legal Centre, are helping Alfie's parents. The decision was delivered today at the Court of Justice at about 4:20 PM London time.

The woman claimed she had been verbally abused by supporters of Alfie Evans' family at Alder Hey in Liverpool and called a protest held there "a circus". The hospital issued a statement asking the protesters to lower the volume of their demonstrations and to stop honking their auto horns since it was disturbing some of the patients, according to The Guardian.

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