Woman Slaps Pregnant Soldier, Her Son Yells Homophobic Slurs

Woman Slaps Pregnant Soldier, Her Son Yells Homophobic Slurs

Woman Slaps Pregnant Soldier, Her Son Yells Homophobic Slurs

"I can not say my husbands were wrong because three men can not all be wrong", she went on.

Jing, 36, who lives in Xi'an, Shaanxi, told China Daily that she was doing well at school and was certain she could pass the technical school entrance examination in 1998. When the savage saw she was being recorded, she began attacking. He had been shot several times and had been dead for an "undetermined amount of time", authorities said.

On March 23, David Riess' business partner requested police to conduct a welfare check on him as he had not been seen for a couple of weeks.

Police said Tucker insisted multiple times that it all started because she was white and that it was a race issue, despite confessing to hitting Sharpe. according to a police report. She then went on to junior college and found a job in Xi'an.

She is known to have a gambling addiction and often frequents casinos, which accounts for her nickname among local police, according to the US Marshals Service. So was her auto.

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She has been admired by many for self-declaring herself the "president of single-mothers" for seemingly having such a strong personality. "She's the type that doesn't know a stranger".

The vehicle has been spotted in Louisiana and Corpus Christi, Texas, since Hutchinson died.

The obituary for David Riess was published last week, and mentioned his children and grandchildren, but not wife.

Her cousin, Daniele Jeffreys, told the news station that Riess' actions were "pure evil..." "That's really the only thing that could resonate with my system.it's just evil that flowed through". "I'm pregnant. You're pushing a pregnant woman", says one of the soldiers.

Theissen, who has a tattoo on her lower back that declares "Only I can judge me", appeared to be under the influence and bleeding from the left side of her face and right hand, according to the arrest affidavit.

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