After Kerala, Nipah virus suspected in Himachal Pradesh

Nipah suspected cases in Karnataka as Bahrain urges nationals avoid travel to Kerala where 11 dead

After Kerala, Nipah virus suspected in Himachal Pradesh

The Nipah Virus, also known as NiV, is transferred to humans from fruit bats. Dozens of others were under surveillance.

There have been 15-20 per cent cancellation of bookings towards the end of the tourism season in the state, and tourist are preferring Mysuru and Coorg to Kerala destinations. As quoted by the World Health Organization, the natural host of the virus are fruit bats of the Pteropodidae Family, Pteropus genus. Ordinary symptoms like fever and headache followed by drowsiness, weakness, lethargy and confusion occurs. There is no cure known yet, and patients are only given supportive care. He came back after Lini got infected with Nipah virus.

Extending a helping hand to the family of nurse Lini Puthussery, who died after contracting Nipah from her patients, the Kerala government on Wednesday made a decision to give a government job to her husband and Rs 10 lakh each to two of their children. Two brothers from the family died on May 5 and their father is also infected and being treated in hospital.

Blood and body fluid samples from suspected cases in Kerala have been send to the National Institute of Virology in the western city of Pune for study, officials said. The report is expected on Friday. "Three persons are undergoing treatment", the official added. During that outbreak, almost 300 people were infected, and more than 100 people died.

"There is no need to panic". We have told them whatever happens, do not touch those bats. She is believed to have contracted the virus when she was visiting her relative in Kasargod who died of the virus infection.

After Kerala, Nipah virus suspected in Himachal Pradesh
After Kerala, Nipah virus suspected in Himachal Pradesh

She also noted that the government should consider the future of Lini's children.

"I think I am nearly on my way". I don't think I will see you again. "Sorry. Please raise our children well", she wrote in a letter to her husband before she died on Monday, reported the BBC. "Lots of love", she wrote. "We have informed the teachers, students of the school about the virus, its symptoms, preventive measures". This triggered an urgency situation in Kerala and the neighbouring states.

Two control rooms have been opened up in Kozhikode as high alert has been sounded in Kerala over the infection. "These signs and symptoms can progress to coma within 24-48 hours", the United States' Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said. "However, if travellers wish to be extra cautious, they may avoid the four districts", Health Secretary Rajeev Sadanandan said. Kozhikode district medical officer, Dr Jayasree E stated. In the year 2004, the same virus arrived in Bangladesh through infected fruit bats.

Specifically, it is the Greater Indian Fruit Bat, found abundantly across South Asia, which carries the Nipah virus.

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