Apple Could Start Selling Subscriptions Through Its TV App

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Apple was rumoured to be working on an actual TV set for a long time but reports pertaining to that stated "the project eventually went nowhere and it's dead now". It has been revealed that the Cupertino giant is now planning to offer subscriptions to streaming services via the app.

Apple will soon be planning to offer subscriptions for select TV and video services via its very own TV app. The online retailer giant's paying customers can then stream this third-party content through the Amazon Video app. At the moment Apple's TV app basically consolidates the various streaming services into a single app and it's more about the convenience than anything, where users can just navigate the various services within a single app as opposed to switching apps. The company still makes Apple TV - the box that acts like an additional computer (adds additional computing power) to the TV.

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One can access content from numbers of apps and cable providers. The TV app will become the principal means to find, buy, and watch content on the Apple TV, iPad, and iPhone. It will also boost the company's growing services business. These include services like HBO, Netflix, Showtime, Starz, and more, with subscriptions being purchased through a third-party website. With Apple's new plan, users could be able to pay the total fee of the services they'd like to use and Apple will make sure that its distributed fairly.

Apple is following the footsteps of competitor Amazon with plans to amalgamate all of its TV subscriptions into its Apple TV app. Although Apple has yet to confirm the date for the rollout, Bloomberg revealed that the feature will be available next year.

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