Boston Dynamics' Atlas robot can run and jump now

In the future Atlas will probably just vaporise the log or something

In the future Atlas will probably just vaporise the log or something

A four-legged robot named SpotMini makes its way through a course as well.

The announcement came today as part of the TechCrunch TC Sessions: Robotics at UC Berkeley.

Raibert says he's also looking at deploying the robots in construction work. A new video shows its Atlas robot performing several tests. While the company has often showcased advanced demos of its emerging projects, SpotMini has seemed uniquely productized from the start.

Boston Dynamics already has made 10 SpotMinis with plans to manufacture about 100 more for additional testing this year before going into mass production by the middle of next year, Raibert said. The device weighs around 66 pounds and can operate for about 90 minutes on a charge. It wasn't enough that this creation literally inspired the very violent Black Mirror "Metalhead" episode: the company is still flirting with the robot apocalypse, as its its newest developments demonstrate. He wouldn't reveal how much they will cost.

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Atlas was introduced in February of 2016 as a robot able to walk, pick up boxes, and catch itself after falling.

Google bought the Waltham, Massachusetts, firm in 2013, then sold it previous year to Japanese tech giant SoftBank.

In another new video, the Humanoid Atlas robot - which is almost five feet tall - is seen jogging outside on grass and jumping over a log.

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