Elon Musk details plans for LA's LOOP

Elon Musk Brings New Details About The Underground LA Tunnels Project

Elon Musk details plans for LA's LOOP

Elon Musk shared some details of his new project of the Boring company about his project to cure the city's traffic congestion with hundreds of tunnels.

This is big news right now as the City of Los Angeles has just recently approved Elon Musk's plans to construct a rocket manufacturing facility so that these BFR rockets can be made, according to CNet. "Wow. It's an unbelievable alternative for mass transportation in the city of Los Angeles", Susane Gearin said. Last week, he showed off the first Boring Company tunnel under Los Angles, saying it's nearly done and awaiting regulatory approvals.

Musk also imagined that the city's roads could become parks or gardens, and said the tunnels could be "almost like an autonomous, underground multi-level vehicle system". Musk said that rides on the subway-like rail service dubbed "Loop" would cost one dollar.

Elon Musk and project leader Steve Davis alluded that the team at The Boring Company is challenged to match the digging space of a snail (0.03 MPH) and get up to 1/10 of the average human walking speed of about 0.03 miles per hour, compared to the current pace of around 0.0003 miles per hour.

"You won't even know we even exist", said Steve Davis, with the Boring Company. Musk stressed that the company is working with Metro L.A. and plan to do a full environmental impact review once the actual project begins. The tunnels would be small and no bigger than parking size, located throughout the city.

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A slightly shorter test tunnel is already largely finished underneath the tiny neighboring municipality of Hawthorne, where Boring and SpaceX are both headquartered.

The proposed Sepulveda test tunnel is on the fast track.

The concept is to pack no less than 100 passengers per flight on a brilliant highly effective rocket that Musk has dubbed the BFR - which is about two-and-a-half occasions the dimensions of the Falcon Heavy rocket that put a Tesla into area in February (by chance overshooting the orbit of Mars). The project would involve hundreds of entrances where travelers in pods could descend to the network of tunnels that will shuttle them at high speeds across the city.

After users suggested he was joking, Musk clarified: "I am actually going to do this".

Musk plans to launch a prototype train inside a 2.7-mile tunnel that his "Boring Company" wants to build on the western side of the city.

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