Facebook's new features will come to India first

Facebook's new features will come to India first

Facebook's new features will come to India first

In the coming weeks, Facebook will roll out an archive for people to save the stories most important to them.

The tools may persuade people in regions outside of North America, Europe and Asia to use Facebook Stories more often.

Facebook today announced that it's adding three new features to its main app which will help users "create and save memories" more effectively.

To deal with the low percentage of users sharing Facebook Stories, the social media giant is introducing new functionalities to the tool that are now being launched in India and will be shared later at a global scale. The change can be seen in its Facebook Camera that is in-app.

Facebook is launching a slew of updates to its Stories feature.

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Keeping privacy in mind, Voice Posts can be shared in the same way that Stories and News Feed posts are shared on Facebook. The idea behind this feature is to let users save space on their smartphones as the photos and videos get saved on the cloud. This isn't something all new from the Menlo Park, California-headquartered company has it already offers voice messaging support to WhatsApp.

Save to your Facebook account, rather than your phone. However, at the end of the day, it is really up to you and how much information you would want to share on your social media accounts and if you can put your trust in Facebook once again. For some people, photos and text are not the most effective way to communicate. The new features will be available first in India, home to some 27o million users, before being made available to everyone else in the world, TheVerge reported yesterday.

Voice posts Facebook now allows users to post audio-only Stories. Voice posts, which are also being introduced, give people a new medium through which they can express themselves.

Facebook is interestingly bringing its Voice Posts feature first to Facebook Lite users, though Android users on the regular Facebook app will see its availability in the coming months. If you share a voice post to Stories, it will disappear from your story after 24 hours. You can go back and view these Stories at any time, or choose to reshare them as a post or story. "You can still find it in your Stories Archive if you have Archive turned on", explains Hayes.

During their journey in India, the Stories team found that photos and videos are not always the best way to share content. These will be rolled out for India first.

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