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EPIC GAMESFortnite Battle Royale Season 4 patch notes are revealed

The premium Fortnite: Battle Royale Season 4 Battle Pass will set you back either 950 or 2,800 of its in-game V-Bucks currency.

There are a slew of other modifications with the launch of Fortnite Battle Royale Season 4.

The meteor has wiped out Dusty Depot which is now a giant hole in the ground, but it's not the only new location on the map.

The area is called Hop Rocks, and - fittingly enough - if you go there you'll find some glowing rocks that you can eat up and gain the ability to fly. Players will find a good amount of loot hidden around the new studio, most of which centered around the studio rooms, helicopter crash site, and enormous green screen.

In the shooting game, players are dropped on an island where they fight to be the last one standing.

You can download Fortnite from the App Store for free at the link below.

Update 4.0 adds a wide variety of content to the game, as well as the usual balances and bug fixes.

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Risky Reels in Fortnite is one of the new locations added with the start of Season 4. Players are already gathering to investigate the new scenic features, many pausing during hostilities to gawp at the changes.

The Fortnite season 4 challenges made available with the battle pass unlock each week, but they are not locked out once the week passes.

After weeks of a very big comet teasing an impending doom, Fortnite has launched Season 4. Now only one warehouse is whole, a second is careening on a crater, and the third ... well, it's gone. Tilted Towers remains though there is a crater right in the center.

That map is going to lead you to Loot Lake.

Elsewhere, the patch notes explain headshots in Battle Royale are now prioritised, which means players can no longer block headshots with idle body parts. Keep reading and check out the gallery (below) to discover how to complete this new weekly challenge with minimal fuss. So far I'm digging these new changes - it's mostly the same Fornite and that's a good thing. For the premium version you begin at Tier 25, or Tier 30 if you bought the pass in Season 3.

The full list of changes for Fortnite 4.0 can be found here.

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