Fortnite: Season 4 is Officially Kicking Off Tomorrow

Fortnite: Season 4 is Officially Kicking Off Tomorrow

Fortnite: Season 4 is Officially Kicking Off Tomorrow

A lot of what Season 4 will shape up to be is unknown, but what we can assume is that there will be a whole host of new challenges for players to complete as well as skins and cosmetic items to unlock or purchase. It's hard to see if they are wearing anything new, but the image is definitely suggesting that the meteorite impact could introduce a lot of new items into the game.

Epic Games has announced that Fortnite Season 4 will commence May 1, 2018. Once the game is back online, Fortnite's fourth season will likely become official. The images slowly revealed the four characters shown in the main image above.

Fortnite fans don't have to wait much longer: Season 4 is nearly here. Players quickly started to speculate that Epic was planning to demolish the central town of Tilted Towers using an asteroid collision. Now, it comes out to confirm one of the most anticipated news that players have been waiting for months: The #release date of Season 4 [VIDEO] for #Fortnite Battle Royale.

Finally, we already know when Season 4 will begin.

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Last but certainly not least is the meteors and all the theories that surround them, the interstellar threats that have fueled the Fortnite community's speculation for the latter half of Season 3. It did not say how long the update process would take, but if you are having troubles getting connected in the morning, that is probably why.

Presumably, the downtime is to implement the required updates for season 4.

A recent report on SuperData Research has confirmed that Fortnite Battle Royale is now the biggest free-to-play game on consoles of all time. But we'll see in less than half a day or so just what will happen with Fortnite's map, as those comets have to mean something!

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