Google adding machine learning-based Smart Compose to Gmail this month

Gmail for iOS now supports sending money with Google Pay & snoozing emails

Google's big Gmail redesign: A look at the new features (free PDF)

Using machine learning and an understanding of messages you've previously written, Smart Compose will take the context of your text and predict what may be coming next.

Smart Compose arrives off the heels of a recent Gmail redesign that includes features like Nudging, Snooze, and others. Gmail users can send and request money from one of their contacts by tapping the same button they would hit to send an attachment and scrolling down the list.

Expect to see Smart Compose roll out later this year. As you type a reply to an email, Gmail will now offer suggestions as you type.

You can also choose a custom date and time or the far more romantic "Someday", as you float down the river on your homemade raft, wondering where it all went so awful wrong.

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In addition to that, iOS users will also be able to snooze emails.

Smart Compose follows another time-saving feature added previous year called Smart Reply. Smart Compose will obviously save you a lot of time, by cutting back on repetitive writing, and it also reduces the chance of spelling or grammar errors.

Gmail is getting a major overhaul, with the email client gaining a suite of new features that promise better security, easier use, and less information overload. In these creations, we use AI to detect the subject of your photo and leave them in color-including their clothing and whatever they're holding-while the background is set to black and white.

Mountain View search giant Google used its 2018 I/O developer's conference to show off a new feature coming to all Gmail users later this month. Next, enable "experimental access".

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