Kanye West Spent $85000 On Infamous Whitney Houston Photo For Album Cover

Kanye West Spent $85000 On Infamous Whitney Houston Photo For Album Cover

Kanye West Spent $85000 On Infamous Whitney Houston Photo For Album Cover

"I like this other artwork, '" Pusha T explained in an interview with Angie Martinez.

Although Pusha T was content with the original cover, Kanye was insistent on Houston's image, and offered to pay the licensing fee.

He said: 'One am my phone rings. He revealed that it was, indeed, Yeezy's idea, and he'd only changed the idea for the artwork just the night prior. And I like this other artwork. Imma pay for that.' I say, 'You my man! It's cold.' As I started listening to it, you know, I'm such a positive individual that I'm not going to be looking for any flaws or anything negative but I had to at this point because I was like, 'Hold up, wait a minute. We picked the pictures. "He wasn't feeling it", he said, adding that West told him that the photo had cost him $85,000.

Perhaps this is just an attempt to distance himself from Kanye's MAGA affiliations, but I think he genuinely wants to know!

"I feel like the cover represents an organized chaos". It showed drug paraphernalia strewn all over the bathroom counter, revealing the award-winning singer's battle with addiction.

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The wait is over as Pusha-T has released his highly-anticipated, seven-track album DAYTONA.

HuffPost has reached out to Houston's estate for a comment, as it's unclear whether West paid the National Enquirer or a family member to license the photo. "She literally had no one she could trust around her. People who love you wouldn't do something like this".

"We've spent a year and a half digging for samples and writing", he continued. I'm not really too, too, too entrenched in the art world like that.

The pieces feature black and white photos of the Virginia MC on the front and lyrics on the back; all designed by frequent Kanye collaborator Cali Thornhill DeWitt.

After all, they had already selected something else ahead of the album's Friday release.

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