Michael Cohen Associate Agrees to Cooperate With Prosecutors

It has been reported that Evgeny Freidman the business partner of Michael Cohen above pleaded guilty to tax fraud in a deal that requires him to co-operate in any ongoing investigations. Pablo Martinez Monsivais  AP

Michael Cohen Associate Agrees to Cooperate With Prosecutors

Cohen is reportedly under criminal investigation in the US for bank fraud and campaign finance law violations, among other things. Cohen's longtime business partner Evgeny Freidman pleaded guilty, Tuesday, May 22, 2018, to tax fraud in a deal that requires him to cooperate in any ongoing investigations. He declared bankruptcy on some of his medallions in 2016 and previous year was charged by the NY state attorney general with theft.

MEANWHILE, on Earth 2, the investigation into Trump's personal lawyer Michael Cohen continues apace.

"He's just not involved in the taxis", said former NY mayor and Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani.

His plea deal, announced Tuesday, requires Friedman to assist federal prosecutors in the Southern District of ny who have been investigating Cohen's business practices and hush payments to women, the source said, as well as paying the $5 million owed to the state.

The special master, former federal judge Barbara Jones, is tasked with reviewing whether the seized documents are protected by attorney-client privilege before turning documents that are not protected over to prosecutors, who are investigating Cohen for possible crimes related to his business dealings. "Friedman pocketed money that should have provided much-needed investment in our transit system and he'll now have to pay back every cent". The two charges - announced in March 2018 - could carry prison sentences of 10 and five years, respectively.

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Public records show that Cohen took out a business loan in late 2014 for an unspecified amount using three taxi companies as collateral.

Mr Cohen is facing a probe by the U.S. attorney's office in Manhattan, which is examining his business practices.

On Tuesday though, authorities allowed Freidman to avoid jail time by pleading guilty to just one count of evading $50,000 in taxes in exchange for his cooperation.

But that same Port Washington channel may have been used before in an effort by affiliates of Russian President Vladimir Putin to end sanctions against Moscow over its invasion of Ukraine, according to reports in The New York Times. Lewandowski "had a lot of heat on him" Cohen would say, according to one person close to him. Cohen was not registered as a foreign agent of Ukraine under the US Foreign Agents Registration Act when the agreement was inked, the report indicated.

Freidman had been the largest operator of medallions in New York City, with his company, Taxiclub, reportedly boasting a fleet of more than 800 cabs. As part of the deal, Cohen offered up his $9 million Park Ave. apartment, as well as money he might receive from Freidman for managing his taxis, as additional collateral.

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