Microsoft Build 2018: The 3 key takeaways for business leaders

Windows 10 will let you Alt+Tab between browser tabs and apps

Microsoft Build 2018: The 3 key takeaways for business leaders

The company has partnered with drone maker DJI to create a new SDK for Windows 10 PCs.

With Windows Machine Learning, developers will be able to use pre-trained machine learning models, ensuring real-time analysis of data for lower costs.

The recently launched Timeline experience on Windows 10will also support Microsoft Edge browser users on iOS.

At Build 2018, Microsoft has today announced that it is bringing support for Windows Timeline to Android and iOS later this year. Microsoft has added FPGAs to all of its Azure servers in its own datacenters, as well as implementing FPGAs in some of the machines that power Bing's indexing servers as part of its Project Catapult efforts.

Microsoft says it's used some of the advances made through HoloLens - which in turn, was informed by the original Kinect - to enhance Project Kinect's spatial understanding, object recognition, skeletal tracking, and more.

Microsoft Edge is a redesigned version of Internet Explorer.

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In addition to these user-facing initiatives, Microsoft will give developers access to new tools and APIs to create enterprise apps.

Microsoft's Visual Studio comes with "Live Share" capability allowing developers to edit in real time with tools like Visual Studio 2017 and VS Code.

On May 7, Day 1 of its Build 2018 developer conference, Microsoft execs said they are making available a preview of Azure Machine Learning Hardware Accelerated Models powered by Project Brainwave in the cloud. For developers, UWP will work with Sets from the start, helping to keep customers engaged.

There's a Time of Flight Sensor, IR sensors and Microsoft's next-generation depth camera with a resolution of 1024×1024 (up from 640×480) on board.

Now, over 700 million devices are running Windows 10. The company unveiled a new app, Your Phone, which will provide "a window into a user's phone right from their PC for seamless transition of content like messages, photos and notifications".

The Microsoft Launcher app on Android will support enterprise customers including line-of-business app discovery and IT advisement on configuration. A feature called Timeline tracks what you're doing and lets you find that information later.

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