Midterm matchups set after Republican primary races in 4 states

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Trump said on Twitter Wednesday that Republicans "had a great night". "We have a nominee who can win in November", the GOP leader said about that candidate Patrick Morrisey.

In both cases, Trump got what he wished for.

The day's slate of early season elections tested the limits of the anti-establishment fervor that has defined the Trump era.

Blankenship's loss spared Republicans from painful decisions about whether to abandon their hopes of unseating Democratic Sen.

Morrisey is the first Republican to serve as attorney general in West Virginia since 1933, his campaign website boasts.

State Attorney General Patrick Morrisey has said fellow Republican Blankenship failed to file a personal financial disclosure form in violation of the Ethics in Government Act. He also targeted McConnell's wife Elaine Chao, U.S. transportation secretary for President Donald Trump.

Mike Pence congratulated his brother on twitter late Tuesday, tweeting that Greg has made the Pence family "proud". Pittenger is the first incumbent to lose his seat this primary season. Some experts speculated that internal Republican polls hyped the threat of Blankenship to persuade Trump to disavow the populist candidate.

On Tuesday, two Democrats without ideologically pure voting records advanced without much friction: Centrist Sen.

Braun, the owner of a national auto part distributor, reportedly self-financed his campaign in one of the most expensive Senate primaries this year.

(Vice President Mike Pence's brother won the GOP primary for Messer's House seat on Tuesday.) They began attacking each other previous year before either of them had announced his candidacy. Cordray conclusively defeated Dennis Kucinich, the former congressman, presidential candidate and Cleveland mayor, winning every area of the state. Cordray used his ties to former president Barack Obama, who appointed him in 2012 as a consumer advocate against banks, to defeat liberal Dennis Kucinich by a almost 3-to-1 margin, despite questions about his record on gun rights. But that doesn't mean they're just going to go for, as one Republican congressman put it, "the craziest son of a bitch in the race".

Between television campaign ads and heated debates, the race for the Republican nomination was certainly contentious.

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His failure to endorse either of Blankenship's two opponents, though, had some experts believing Trump's move could backfire.

Interested in Republican Party? Sherrod Brown in OH this fall.

West Virginia Republican Don Blankenship isn't yet conceding his Senate primary bid, but he's talking like a defeated candidate. West Virginia Republican voters rebuffed Don Blankenship's candidacy in the primary election.

No matter Tuesday's victor, Trump's team was keeping pressure on Manchin. The text reads "Thanks for playing, Don".

Manchin coasted to the Democratic nomination, but he remains a top Republican target this fall.

"If he wins the Republican nomination, I will not back him and I am not afraid to say it and I'm letting it out there right now", he said. In none of those was the margin greater than in West Virginia. That's a win for Trump and a win for the party.

The Chris McDaniel campaign has clearly fashioned his campaign along the same "anti-establishment", "Ditch Mitch" fault lines as Blankenship.

Blankenship had been convicted of conspiring to willfully violate mine safety and health standards in connection with the Upper Big Branch Mine Disaster, which killed 29 miners in 2010.

Even as Blankenship rebuffed Trump's criticism this week, he described himself as "Trumpier than Trump" and played up his outsider credentials.

"The news so far is not very good", he told his party, which was half supporters and half reporter. "I knew going in I had an uphill battle". Tomorrow, I may be in Aruba before sunset.

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