New Google features tap digital smarts

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New Google features tap digital smarts

For outlets with subscriptions, Google will allow you to subscribe directly through your Google account, without needing new passwords or credit-card information.

Google's research has also shown that their AI model can predict cardiovascular events more accurately.

Google unveiled Tuesday an artificial intelligence tool capable of handling routine tasks - such as making restaurant bookings - as a way to help people disconnect from their smartphone screens. Google gave a sneak peek into numerous new features and changes that they have made in their Google Assistant.

Google is seriously committed to indexing all the world's information, and voice is just another frontier. Enhanced with artificial intelligence and Duplex technology, the new Google assistant converses so naturally that it seems as if a real person is talking.

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Then there was the announcement around Gmail which will now have a "Smart Compose" feature, again powered by AI, ready to complete your sentence before you even type them in, and understanding the context of your email. With newer, more powerful exploits being developed daily, security is of the utmost importance and we're glad to see that Google is finally doing something about it. Now, reports reveal that Google will soon require mobile manufacturers to roll out regular security updates. The best part is that Google has been trying very hard to make the assistant no sound like a robot and for that, they have included a number of filers sound like "mm-hmm", "umm", "ah", "ooh" and sounds like "gotcha" which completely give a human-like feel while in a conversation. Until now, users have had to say "Hey Google" each time they asked a question or wanted help. The service will now also include a new "full coverage" feature.

And so, reactions to Google Duplex haved mainly played out in two ways: People are blown away by what Google has created, and how far their AI efforts have come. While rolling out Android P Beta version outside the Pixel bubble is one step, Qualcomm too is helping Google in speeding up the adoption rate.

"Our AI constantly reads the firehose of the web for you, for millions of articles, videos, podcasts and comments being published every minute". They can get any of the aforementioned smartphones and start testing their apps on it with the new Android P beta version. Adaptive Brightness will learn and make changes in a similar way. Google makes it very clear in a blog post that it can not carry out general conversations. Hai Do was the editor. "We want to be clear about the intent of the call so businesses understand the context".

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