New Volvos To Include Google Maps, Apps, And Assistant

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New Volvos To Include Google Maps, Apps, And Assistant

Meanwhile, let's take a look at what to expect at this year's show. Google is going to announce its in-house Android TV dongle which will also support a remote for one-handed navigation experience.

Additionally, new media search results are being added to Android Auto.

Sonos' upcoming speaker is believed to incorporate Amazon's Alexa smart assistant instead of Google's, however, and there's no word on what operating system the Sonos audio product will run, if any. As Nvidia's director of Shield product management Chris Daniel told TechHive earlier this year, "If you release a whole new interface, and the apps aren't supporting it, then we don't feel like it's a good launch for us".

Android TV has apps for Netflix, YouTube and Hulu, while Google Assistant that offers voice control over your smart home devices, music streaming services and answers to voice inquiries.

Google has been working with developers and improving Android Things with the help of feedback. Android Things has been based on Android Oreo since its fifth developer preview, with its premier stable version unsurprisingly using the 8.1 version of Google's OS as its framework basis, offering access to both the Google Assistant and Google's other machine learning technologies.

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So we'll see what happens here. This integration contributes to reducing driver distraction, helping drivers keep their eyes on the road at all times.

The company is also putting in efforts to utilize artificial intelligence in other Alphabet business too like the Waymo self-driving auto so we should expect to hear more about AI-based products.

Google's TV ambitions often take a backseat to Android's other projects, but that might be changing at I/O: A recent FCC filing suggests that a full-fledged Android TV dongle is on the way.

The features will be available for Volvo's next-generation cars over the next few years.

Previous year it was Android Oreo, so it's likely that this edition of the event will bring the next UI from Google that developers have been previewing since March, which still goes by the name Android P. Since each new version of the mobile OS is named after something sweet (donuts, jelly beans, lollipops, etc.), many have tried to come with the potential new name, one of the possibilities linked to Google's release of its Spring wallpapers featuring - popsicles. Hopefully, this I/O will be marked as the launch of this feature. You can say it's a bit like a Chromecast rolled into a soundbar and maybe positioned by Google as a way to upgrade your TV set, without actually changing your TV. It also brought some much-needed improvements in the product such as prolonged battery life and a dark mode.

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