No Need To Say "Hey Google" Every time You Command Google Assistant

Google CEO Sundar Pichai talks about Google Assistant during a product event in San Francisco. Google is likely to again put artificial intelligence in the spotlight at its annual developers conference

No Need To Say "Hey Google" Every time You Command Google Assistant

At the company's annual developers' conference this week, Google announced that John Legend's angelic voice will be coming to your Google Assistant later this year. When kids say "Please" during a command, they would receive thanks from the virtual assistant in response. This isn't just Google Assistant indiscriminately listening to everything you say; even with Continued Conversations, the Assistant is still able to tell the difference between the things you're saying to it and a separate chat you could be having with a friend. With these new voice options, users will now be able to choose between four different female voices, and four different male voices.

A big part of both smart assistants is controlling internet-connected devices, particularly at home. The new voices are also just some of the changes that Google is making to Assistant. The Google Assistant is available on more than 500 million devices and will be available in more than 30 languages and 80 countries by the end of the year. To do that, head over to the Google App and look for the menu and hit "Settings", then go to "Google Assistant Settings" and tap "Preferences".

It's the only voice assistant without a human name, but it's finally serving up more personality.

Google's attempt to make your kids less mean towards the robots is called "pretty please", and it encourages children to say "please" and "thank you" when dealing with the Google Assistant.

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Google has announced a lot of great updates this week during their I/O 2018. Here's how all the new Google Assistant features compare to Amazon Alexa. Two of them were already available, and now you have six more. As Google was quick to point out, it's not as simple as it might sound - the Assistant has to be able to understand syntax to properly answer questions, and often times this is trickier than simply separating two phrases on either side of the word "and". That way you don't have to continuously repeat the Ok Google keyword.

It makes sense to have voice commands to control the air conditioner, no one likes you fucking with the thermostat, especially not your dad.

Further, the Assistant would soon be able make calls for you to make reservations at restaurants or salons. Better yet, the app will remember what you usually order, and suggest it to you, making the entire process easy and fast. The new offer will arrive this summer and aspires to assist not only users but also small businesses who don't provide online booking.

The feature would be rolled it out to all users this month.

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