Ocala teacher accused of drowning raccoons during class

Footage of the class shows a raccoon in a metal wire trap being dunked into a garbage bin that has been filled with water to drown

Footage of the class shows a raccoon in a metal wire trap being dunked into a garbage bin that has been filled with water to drown

It made me sick to my stomach. "My son stood in the background, hid his phone and watched as they filled these trash cans full of water, and held these raccoons down in trash cans in the cages", she tells FOX.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Fee launched an investigation after dad and mom notified the company, in line with FOX51.

But the incident had left many students in a complete nightmare as the raccoons were put inside cages and then forcibly submerged in a large trash can of water.

According to the agency's website, wildlife animals that are considered a nuisance can be caught using live traps, snares or firearms during daylight hours and where they're allowed.

Mr Brewton was placed on administrative leave while investigations are conducted.

"That one's, like, super, super small", one girl in the video was heard saying of the animals.

Her son told her his agriculture teacher made a threat that anyone who recorded or photographed the incident would be given a referral.

The school board made a public statement letting the district know that, although the authorities indicate the teacher may not have broken the laws, "his actions before students are certainly questionable". "No teacher could ever replace him", said Hunter Heath.

Dewie Brewton has been placed on administrative leave from Forest High School in Ocala Forida after footage revealed he had drowned two raccoons in his agriculture class
Florida high school teacher under investigation after shocking video emerges of him drowning wild raccoons in a large bin in front of his students during class

The teacher of a rural school in Marion County, Florida, is accused of being recessed, at least two raccoons during lessons.

Dewie Brewton, who has been a teacher at Forest High School since 2006, has majority support from his students who are rallying together in his defense. The commission's findings will be sent to prosecutors, who will determine if the teacher will face charges.

'We would like to say that we are 100 percent behind our adviser and everything he does for our children/students, ' the statement, posted on Facebook, reads. "This is a man who would give everything he had to make sure that his children/students are taken care of". He has always gone above and beyond his call of duty to ensure that his students had everything they needed'.

"We must focus on all of the extremely positive and life changing things that this man has done for the people", the group said.

But the mother of the student who filmed the incident remains unconvinced that the raccoons were handled in the appropriate manner.

"I don't think that's the way to treat any animal".

The woman whose son recorded the video said that after they had killed the raccoons the students killed an opossum "just for sport".

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