Pope Francis to Chilean Gay Man: 'God Made you This Way'

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Pope Francis to Chilean Gay Man: 'God Made you This Way'

Juan Carlos Cruz, the gay survivor who was abused by a Chilean priest as a child, recently spent several days at the Vatican with Pope Francis in April.

The first edition of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, the dense summary of Catholic teaching published by St. John Paul II in 1992, said gay individuals "do not choose their homosexual condition; for majority it is a trial".

When describing what Pope Francis said to him, Cruz told CNN the following: "You know Juan Carlos, that does not matter".

The leader of the Catholic faith told a victim of clerical sexual abuse that being gay "does not matter" and that "God made him" like that. "God made you like this and he loves you, '" Cruz told El Pais as well as The Associated Press. But that is an activity, so all persons, especially if you are in grace, you are already on the way to sainthood, and Juan Carlos Cruz, in fact this was part of the discussion, he is a Christian, a practicing Catholic, and some people have made fun of him for that because of his experience with homosexuality.

Fernando Karadima, the former priest who abused Cruz, was found guilty of the abuse by the Vatican in 2011 and ordered to a life of "prayer and penance".

He has also clarified, however, that while he believes God loves people despite their sexual orientations, he does not believe in promoting sexual acts contrary to church teaching.

As is the case on practically every utterance from Pope Francis, the media has blown an extemporaneous pastoral comment into a "major shift" from Catholic doctrine.

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He told media in 2013, "Who am I to judge?". We are called to follow Christ's teachings within His church to embrace Christ and find redemption for our shortfalls, whatever they are.

After attending a crisis meeting with Francis about the cover-up last week, all of Chile's bishops offered to resign.

Paul maintained several times through his letters that humans should abstain from homosexuality - as they should with any sexual immorality - while Jesus affirmed the Genesis 2 picture of marriage between one man and one woman together as "one flesh" when questioned as detailed in Matthew 19. "Sin is sin", Francis told reporters in 2016, according to Crux. "It does not free us from the weight of our problems, but liberates us within so that we can face them". Cruz and other activists want to see the bishops removed, and Francis' credibility is on the line ... in that story, anyway.

Francis then made clear he would not sanctify transgender people.

Only a feminine Church will be able to have "fruitful attitudes", in accordance with the intention of God, who chose "to be born of a woman in order to teach us the path of woman".

The pontiff's reported comments will "do a lot of good", said New Ways Ministry, which opposes discrimination against LGBT people in the Catholic Church.

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