Putin, Merkel agree Iran nuclear deal should be preserved

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Macron'The status quo in Europe is bad for everybody

Watch video 18:06 Macron'The status quo in Europe is bad for everybody

German Chancellor Angela Merkel stepped up her criticism of USA unilateralism, saying President Donald Trump's decision to withdraw from a nuclear accord with Iran "damages trust in the worldwide order".

The two leaders also discussed the situation in eastern Ukraine, including the possibility of deploying a United Nations mission, Seibert said in the statement.

Putin has previously voiced "deep concern" over US President Donald Trump's decision and Russian officials have said they would work with European partners to preserve the agreement.

Merkel has previously said Germany and its European partners would "do everything" to ensure Iran remains in the landmark 2015 nuclear deal, while Putin has voiced "deep concern" at the USA decision.

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German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, in her view criticized the USA for leaving the Iran nuclear deal unilaterally.

According to Merkel's official spokesperson Steffen Seibert, the German chancellor proposed new talks addressing Iran's ballistic missile program as a potential means to salvage the deal.

Meanwhile, the EU's foreign policy chief, Federica Mogherini, is due to host a meeting of the German, French, and British foreign ministers on May 15 in Brussels to discuss the accord.

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