To-Denver Delta flight fills with smoke upon landing

Delta flight from Detroit evacuated upon landing in Denver after smoke reported on plane

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No injuries were reported from smoke inhalation, DIA said, but it was unclear if anyone was injured while getting off the plane. Delta says the plane stopped and its 146 passengers used the plane's slides and over-wing exits to escape the cabin.

The flight from Detroit to Denver had just landed at Denver International Airport when the cabin filled with smoke.

Passengers said oxygen masks on the plane never dropped from the overhead compartments.

The flight landed and was taxiing to its gate before passengers noticed the smoke.

One passenger, Jim McManus, told The Denver Channel the smoke wasn't too thick.

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Airline spokeswoman Lisa Hellerstedt said Wednesday that a small amount of hydraulic fluid dripped onto a hot power unit, creating the smoke that was blown into the cabin.

Passengers report having a lengthy delay in Detroit before departing, only to evacuate the aircraft before arriving to the gate in Denver.

According to The Associated Press, Delta Flight 1854 had flown from Detroit Metropolitan Airport to Denver International Airport and landed safely in Colorado at around 8 p.m. local time.

Video footage taken inside the plane before the evacuation showed smoke in the cabin. The aircraft was met by firefighters and emergency crews as the flight crew made the decision to evacuate the 153 passengers, including several people who were forced to stand on the wing.

"The security of Delta's staff and team is our top priority, and we apologize for its stress this case has generated", claimed a airline spokesman. The flight attendants instructed passengers to keep their heads down, he said. Baby was last one out! "Delta", the woman wrote on Twitter. The airport bussed people to the terminal.

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