Young Americans, not seniors, are the loneliest

Young Americans, not seniors, are the loneliest

Young Americans, not seniors, are the loneliest

Young people are far more likely than senior citizens to report being lonely and in poor health, a surprising survey of 20,000 Americans released Tuesday shows. Almost half of people said they sometimes or always feel alone or left out, 43% said they sometimes or always feel that their relationships are not meaningful and only 53% said they have meaningful in-person interactions on a daily basis. The study by Cigna however did not examine a link between loneliness and use of social media. However, this does not hold true for single parents or guardians, who report to feel lonelier than the other adults who live alone. Among others, numerous reported reasons for loneliness were lack of companionship, meaningless relationships, and isolation from others. Topping both obesity and smoking as a greater risk to your health. More than half of Gen Zers identified with 10 of the 11 feelings associated with loneliness, according to the survey, including feeling like people around them are not really with them (69 percent), feeling shy (69 percent) and feeling like no one really knows them well (68 percent).

They were asked questions and their loneliness scored between 20 and 80. And while the new findings don't draw any direct links to increased rates of suicide among teens or the opioid epidemic, Cigna CEO David Cordani says it's clear addressing loneliness will help solve other problems.

Mental health experts say the Cigna study is only the latest in a series to document rising levels of loneliness and related public health effects.

Generation Z respondents had an average loneliness score of 48.3 followed by millennials at 45.3.

That's the generation containing young adults between the ages of 18 to 23 years old.

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"Too often people think that this [problem] is specific to older adults", says Holt-Lunstad.

However, the Cigna survey didn't find a correlation between social media use and feelings of loneliness.

Respondents who had too much or too little of any of these activities had higher reported scores of loneliness.

"One feels a sense of emptiness, kind of like an emptiness of the soul".

According to Cigna Health Insurance loneliness is at an all-time high.

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