Amazon expands Whole Foods Market discounts for Prime members

Amazon brings Prime discounts at Whole Foods to 10 more states

Amazon’s new Whole Foods discounts now available in 10 more states, including Washington

Delivery from Whole Foods is available in 10 cities and is slated to expand to more cities this year.

Amazon Prime members in Arizona, Georgia, Hawaii, Oregon, North Carolina, Washington, Mississippi, Alabama, Arizona, and SC, as well as parts of Southern California, will be able to take advantage of steep discounts at Whole Foods, starting on June 13. Amazon began offering the discounts to shoppers in select markets in May. In addition to the savings it announced today, Prime members also get free two-hour delivery from their local Whole Foods, and can pick up packages or ship returns from the local Whole Foods store.

Today in Philadelphia and a few other US cities, the answer is yes. Items eligible for additional Prime member discounts will be designated by special signs in Whole Foods stores.

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With the expansion, Whole Foods stores in 23 states will have integrated Prime benefits at checkout.

The discounts include $2-per-pound savings on organic yellow nectarines and peaches; buy one, get one free purchases of Annie's Natural Macaroni & Cheese; and $3-per-pound savings on made-in-house pork sausage, with no antibiotics. Amazon also is selling some of its tech products, such as the Echo and Kindle, in Whole Foods stores as well as giving Prime members discounts at the grocery store. And for "ultrafast" delivery within one hour, customers can pay $7.99. Here are examples of Prime discounts available starting Wednesday.

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