AMD teases 32-core chip at Computex 2018

AMD teases 32-core chip at Computex 2018

AMD teases 32-core chip at Computex 2018

While Intel did have a moment to shine with its newly unveiled 28-core 5GHz CPU, many consider it upstaged by AMD's upper-end Threadripper 2 processor sporting 32 cores/64 threads. That's more than a full computer or laptop, with a less powerful Intel Core i5 CPU or AMD Ryzen 5 CPU.

AMD's Threadripper series with 12 cores starts at around $760, and goes up to nearly $1,000 for a 16-core model. Unfortunately for the enthusiasts among us, AMD designed the Instinct cards to capture some of the exploding AI and machine learning applications in the data center, but Su assured the crowd that the company plans to bring the new process to consumer GPUs in the future.

On the GPU front, AMD made a decision to have a try with a successor to the Radeon R9 Fury Nano - the RX Vega Nano. If you have already a Threadripper setup, you will be happy to know that Threadripper 2 processors are backwards compatible with existing X399 motherboards. The Vega microarchitecture released previous year in the form of the Vega 56 and Vega 64 not only failed to match inflated expectations, but graphics cards based on the GPUs also fell short of matching - let alone beating - Nvidia's top-of-the-range offerings. AMD didn't show any Cinebench numbers though. So, stay tunned for more news and rumors about the new AMD Ryzen 2000 32-core/64 threads Threadripper.

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Whether AMD can unlock all that potential is yet to be seen, but gamers should expect to see some of the benefits from the move to 7nm once AMD launch the first 7nm Navi graphics cards and 7nm Zen 2 CPUs sometime next year.

According to details provided by AMD during the demonstration, both the 24-core and 32-core were cooled by Wraith Ripper air cooler and have a TDP of 250W. That's great for now, but AMD is also looking to the future, and the future is 7nm. The CPUs are built on a 12nm process, and have a base frequency of 3.0 GHz, with working turbo frequencies tested at 3.4 GHz, though this may change upon general release.

Mini versions of AMD cards have been pretty impressive in the past and this is the first mini card from AMD in the new RX Vega series. This new GPU will come with 32GB of memory along with AI-chops.

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