Asus ROG Phone - Snapdragon 845 SoC, 3D Vapour-Chamber Cooling, 512GB Storage

Asus ROG Phone - Snapdragon 845 SoC, 3D Vapour-Chamber Cooling, 512GB Storage

Asus ROG Phone - Snapdragon 845 SoC, 3D Vapour-Chamber Cooling, 512GB Storage

When that company unveiled its gaming smartphone, utilising the then state of the art mobile hardware, other have started eyeing the mobile gaming market.

Next, is a weird clamshell accessory that turns the ROG Phone into a dual screen phone.

The back of the device looks quite aggressive, with the glowing ROG logo stamped in the center being surrounded by sharp edges and exhaust windows.

The ROG phone comes with an overclocked Snapdragon 845 chipset and to compensate for the same, it has a GameCool system that improves the thermal efficiency with its copper heat spreader and 3D vapor chamber that help drive away heat from the processor and the body. It's not the 120Hz of the Razer Phone, but you're getting an AMOLED display instead of LCD.

The device features a custom version of Snapdragon 845 that runs at up to 2.96 GHz or 200 MHz more than the standard model. Oh, and 8GB of RAM is on offer with storage weighing in at 128GB to 512GB. Press releases online eventually revealed that the main camera has 12MP and 8MP (120° wide-angle) lenses, with a 8MP camera on the front.

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Made of glass and metal, the ROG Phone weighs a hefty 200 grams in part due to the 4,000mAh battery and the body is covered in slashes, angular lines, and design elements that will be familiar to Republic of Gamers fans. ASUS has moved the charging chip from the phone to the power adapter to reduce the heat from charging.

It comes with WiFi-AC, Bluetooth 5, NFC, and not one but 3 USB Type-C ports among various connectivity features. One is on the side that can be squeezed to activate the "X MODE". ASUS said the reason for this is so that you can charge your device while playing without having to deal with a cord (USB/headphone) sticking out at the bottom. X Mode transforms the gamer visual aesthetic from blue to red, optimizes the phone for gaming by prioritizing the game in RAM and shuts down background processes. They are user customizable. Now, Asus strikes back with the official announcement of the Asus ROG Phone. There's also HDMI, Ethernet, an SD card reader, and a 3.5mm audio combo jack. We also have a gamepad, called Gamevice, that places physical buttons on each side of the screen.

TwinView Pedestal - If you wish to use a second screen for an immersive gaming experience instead of tactile buttons, the TwinView Pedestal gives you an additional 6-inch screen. The device has some insane hardware inside that can crush any game easily, so without wasting any time let's know more about it. There are a plethora of ports for connecting a monitor, keyboard, mouse and other peripherals.

While ASUS has paid a lot of attention to the common areas of complaints of mobile phones, they've also paid a lot of attention to a lot of the areas that commonly aren't complained about. Another accessory is WiGig Dock which uses Wi-Fi, so that you can broadcast your gaming phone's display to your television. Pricing and availability is also still to be confirmed. "Snapdragon 845 is engineered to deliver users an unparalleled gaming experience; supporting exceptional performance, fast and smooth graphics, and Gigabit speeds whether on LTE or 802.11ad Wi-Fi".

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