Cavaliers intend to keep Love next season

LeBron James doesn't need to chase championships says O'Neal

LeBron James is already among the greatest regardless of title wins Shaquille O'Neal

In addition, the source also reveals that LeBron James' camp has been in contact with the Cavs front office and that James has made it pretty clear over the years that he wants to be in Cleveland and raise his family there.

With 15 seasons under his belt and a 3-6 record in the NBA Finals, James is looking to join a team that can help him win another title.

This isn't the only time which Walker has been linked with a move away from Charlotte, as the point guard was linked with a trade away from the Hornets around the trade deadline earlier this year, but nothing came to fruition. Who do you draft when your biggest star could be leaving?

All of this makes sense, as my source said, the chances LeBron could actually be convinced to go to LA are low due to the high amount of things that would have to happen.

All of the above makes it nearly impossible to envision the Cavs being able to swing a trade for disgruntled San Antonio Spurs star Kawhi Leonard.

Heading into the playoffs, Love - who was offered to the Indiana Pacers in a trade for Paul George last June - acknowledged that it could be his last go-round with the team that traded its No. 1 pick, Andrew Wiggins, to the Minnesota Timberwolves for him in 2014, ushering the most successful era in team history. Even if all three of them were to end up on the same team next year, it is likely this grouping would only last one year-something LeBron is not interested in if he truly wanted to build a team that dethroned the Warriors.

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James can take the player option for the 2018-2019 season.

'You can't be thinking how this pick will impact what James is going to do'. The draft is on Thursday.

This latest report adds plenty more intrigue to the question of LeBron James' free agency.

"People tend to forget LeBron's ultimate end game in the National Basketball Association, which is owning a team".

"At some point as you keep adding older guys, you've got to get younger whether you have LeBron James or not". So it's safe to assume James will be fielding texts from other guys in the league way before the start of July.

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