Cavs' LeBron James stresses importance of basketball IQ in assembling title contender

Cleveland Cavaliers superstar Le Bron James considers a question after a Game 3 loss to the Golden State Warriors. More

Cleveland Cavaliers superstar Le Bron James considers a question after a Game 3 loss to the Golden State Warriors. More

Kyrie Irving only just arrived in Boston, but there are already rumors that he could be on the move again next Summer.

All these questions will be answered when he hits the free agent market in early July. I really don't. It's fun to think about though.

Once Irving is 100 percent healthy and makes his return from knee surgery, Rozier will be back to his role of coming off the bench in Celtics head coach Brad Steven's lineup. "And, you know, that time will arise and when it does, I think I'll have a better, clear, concise answer for a lot of people that are going to ask".

Will James stay in Cleveland?

"We don't win 70 - or whatever we won, 67 games last year - and go through the journey we did this year without everybody feeling a sense of pressure and sense of urgency every night that you step foot on the floor. Just their will to win is something that's contagious, and it makes you a better player as an opponent as well".

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"I knew that my talent level here in Cleveland couldn't succeed getting past a Boston, getting past the San Antonios of the league ..."

Curry also addressed the Durant luxury specifically: "He helps the situation, but we don't walk on the floor like, 'Oh, there is K.D. We're good.' We still have to play and play hard and play well".

Shams Charania, another National Basketball Association reporter for Yahoo, said, "I know Kyrie Irving's mindset when the trade happened was 'Boston is my home for the foreseeable future'". But Irving did not have any leverage and the Cavaliers, in their opinion, got the best offer from the Celtics in a deal led by Isaiah Thomas and the Nets' 2018 first-round pick. Brian Windhorst, the man who knows everything there is to know about LeBron, reported that James was playing with an injured right hand for the entire series.

Cavs center Tristan Thompson cited "some mental collapses in the fourth quarter" of Wednesday's 110-102 home loss that put the Cavs on the brink of elimination. "There's not a team like them [Celtics] in the west, a young team that looks like its going to be there for the next 9 or 10 years'". Yeah, I just have to take it as being present with the Boston Celtics.

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