Fortnite Faces Battle Royale in Court

Fortnite Faces Battle Royale in Court

Fortnite Faces Battle Royale in Court

According to the Epic Games developer team, Fortnite has always been about cartoon-like elements, and its future updates will help the game stick to its fun-filled design. Fortnite will go in the completely opposite direction with shopping carts being the first of many vehicles that will be introduced to the game.

The shopping cart, for those that don't know, operates by one player pushing and the other riding, although the cart can be operated by one player if need be. "Track what you've completed and plan out your strategy for the remainder of the match or your next one!"

While it appears that the formal legal filings related to this case have only begun in the last few months, some of you may remember that the PUBG team first alleged past year that Epic had copied aspects of the company's own battle royale game. And if you've pushed your shopping cart right the way to the top of the hill and want to cruise on down, press the right stick in (otherwise known as R3) and you'll switch.

Battle Royale challenges for Week 5 of Season 4 are live. It is also unclear if riding one will provide some protection to players.

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The new Fornite patch will also drop a new hero to the game. You can mostly find them in shady wooded areas.

Also, Fornite patch V4.3 will add a new forage item to the game - mushroom.

Meanwhile, the rivalry between two of the most popular games today has reached an entirely new level. However, many players are reporting issues with finding them in the game itself. PUBG filed the suit "to determine whether the latter's "Fortnite" was copied from the former's "PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds". In January, Epic Games partnered up with Neowiz Games to release Fortnite in cafe-style businesses in South Korea.

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