Fox News host apologizes for calling Trump, Kim 'two dictators'

Fox News host sorry for calling Trump Kim ‘two dictators

Fox News host apologizes for calling Trump, Kim 'two dictators'

Fox News host Abby Huntsman has apologized - again - for calling the North Korea summit a meeting of "two dictators". The former White House communications director stated that Trump was a "disruptive risk-taker" who is willing to "break what would be the usual bonds of not going to a meeting like this".

Although her guests did not catch her gaffe instantly, Huntsman was called out on social media after the footage was released on Sunday. "As you know on live TV, sometimes you don't always say things perfectly", she said.

"That moment when a Fox & Friends host accidentally calls Trump a dictator and no one even bats an eye", a user wrote.

She apologised for the comment later in the show. I did not mean to say that.

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President Donald Trump has quite the record for raising eyebrows with his frequent praise of the world's most notorious dictators and strongmen, including Russian President Vladimir Putin and Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte.

Kim Jong-un has echoed President's Trump's belief that you can know how complex global negotiations on highly technical matters of nuclear technology will go from the outset if you rely on touch and feel.

"We all have slip ups in life, I have many. There is the president of the United States, Donald Trump, about to walk down those stairs, stepping foot in Singapore as we await this historic summit with the North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un", Huntsman said.

Huntsman also tweeted an apology regarding the incident.

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