Google Home and Chromecast devices are suffering worldwide outage

After being down most of the day some Google Home smart speakers are working again

Google Home and Chromecast are down, affecting users worldwide

If you would like an immediate fix, please follow the directions to reboot your Google Home or Chromecast.

A report in the technology website TechCrunch said the company had confirmed the outage, but had given no information about what had caused it or how many customers were affected.

Update: Google has a fix ready, and has promised to automatically deploy it within six hours (as of roughly 6PM Eastern).

While many users are now reporting that their Google Home is working properly, the outage map shows problems still exist along both coasts in the USA, the Northeast, Northwest, Florida and parts of Texas.

The Google support Twitter account is now fielding a heap of complaints from users around the world, as owners of the Google Home, Google Home Mini, and Chromecast suddenly found themselves unable to perform basic functions like casting or voice commands.

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"Saying "Hey Google" will have the device immediately answer "there was a glitch, try again in a few seconds" or "sorry, something went wrong, try again in a few seconds", the site's Sarah Perez wrote. If they tried to reset the device, it would sometimes fail to reboot.

This outage seems to also affect devices with built-in Chromecast features like Android TV and select smart TVs.

Users have taken to social media to vent their frustration with some reporting that they could not stream on Chromecast or use it to connect to other devices.

You should really push this info to people's Google Home apps. Those who wanted to get the fix sooner could manually reboot their devices, said Google. We will update this post when Google finds a solution to the problems affecting Google Homes and Chromecasts.

One user said his speaker replied to the "OK Google" command with "Google home has not setup yet".

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