Health Department, Walgreens to offer free HIV testing

Debby Warren demonstrates how the Insti kit works

Debby Warren demonstrates how the Insti kit works

That's why Crusader Community Health's Community Connection Program partnered with local agencies to highlight National HIV Testing Day during a special event in downtown Rockford.

The NHTD 2018 theme is "Doing It My Way, Testing for HIV".

"It is critical to know your HIV status", said Ingham County Health Officer Linda S. Vail. In 2017, studies showed that people living with HIV who were able to maintain an undetectable viral load through antiretroviral medication (ARVs) did not pass on HIV through sex.

As part of Canada's first country-wide HIV testing day, three New Brunswick organizations - Avenue B in Saint John, AIDS New Brunswick in Fredericton and AIDS Moncton - will be administering the speedy tests. Test providers can reduce HIV-related adverse health outcomes and risk for transmission by implementing routine and targeted testing to decrease the amount of time from infection to diagnosis.

Warren said the goal is to reach community members who are at high-risk of HIV exposure but lack adequate sexual health resources. Dr. Kevin Sherin is director of the county Department of Health.

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For those who may be at high risk, the CDC recommends getting tested at least once a year. "So, with our increasing STD rates, especially syphilis, it is essential that people be tested for HIV as well", Jung said.

The results only take 15 minutes. Detecting HIV early on means you can be linked to timely and effective treatment and outreach, ensuring that you live a long, healthy life and lower the chance of transmitting the virus to others.

Everyone tested will receive a free Meijer gift card while supplies last. More Information on HIV and AIDS can be found here. An estimated 15% of people living with HIV did not know they were infected, according to the study, but they accounted for about 40% of new HIV transmissions in the USA every year.

"You'll die from a auto crash before you [die of] HIV if you're compliant and you take your medications".

"The stigmas that have been associated with HIV have made people not come forward to test", said Dr. Nnamdi Ndubuka, medical health officer with the Northern Intertribal Health Authority. More Iowans are getting tested and finding out about their infection and hopefully learning how to manage it and not spread it. Matrix Human Services passes out condoms and lube every day and provides testing throughout the week.

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