Jared Leto Is Getting His Own Joker Movie

Jared Leto Is Getting His Own Joker Movie

Jared Leto Is Getting His Own Joker Movie

Leto was most recently seen in "Blade Runner: 2049" and Netflix's "The Outsider". It's always been known that The Hangover's Todd Phillips is directing an origin movie of the Clown Prince of Crime produced by Martin Scorsese and reportedly starring Joaquin Phoenix.

Warner Bros. DC comics movie universe just got a little more complicated with reports indicating that Jared Leto's maniacal version of The Joker is getting his own standalone film set in the same universe as "Justice League". Some DC fans were into the over the top portrayal with hipster tattoos and gold teeth, while others were completely turned off. We already know, for example, that Leto is set to reprise his role in the sequel to Suicide Squad, set to begin filming in 2019. The character appeared in a glorified cameo in Suicide Squad, and the Oscar-winner had voiced his displeasure at being cut out of the film. And though we're not particularly opposed to anything here, it's safe to say that what we ended up with was pretty much flawless.

There has been no update on Ben Affleck's solo Batman movie, to be directed by Matt Reeves.

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Joaquin Phoenix was tapped to play the lead; however Warner insisted Leto's version was not being scrapped. But one thing is for certain: two Joker movies are now being lined up.

The studio is reportedly planning to expand the universe established in Ayer's film by creating standalone movies on its characters. Leto and the studio are searching for a writer, and its now unclear if the Joker movie would go into production before Suicide Squad 2. All six - yes, you read that correctly - six of them.

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