Origin Access Premier subscription tier announced

Madden NFL 19 Release Date, New Trailer Revealed at EA's E3 2018 Presser

Madden finally returns to the PC with this year's installment

This'll include its biggest releases, like Battlefield 5, the newly announced Madden 19 on PC and BioWare's Anthem. According to the press release sent out by the publisher just minutes ago, the subscription will cost $99.99 per year or $14.99 monthly. That has been a constant complaint by gamers, in fact, and something Electronic Arts has chose to address today. This shares similar offerings to Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass, which provides access to over 100 titles and all future first-party releases on Xbox One.

Origin Access Premier is a new tier of our PC gaming membership that gets you new games like Battlefield V, Federation Internationale de Football Association 19, Madden NFL 19, and Anthem before launch.

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The other major feature unique to Access Premier is being able to stream games instead of needing to download them. Anthem, Battlefield V, Federation Internationale de Football Association 19, and Madden 19 were all confirmed for the service, with access to the standard Origin Access library also under the subscription. It will launch later in Summer 2018, though a free trial will arrive this weekend. Then save 10% on other Origin digital purchases like Ultimate Team content. Dive into the action starting February 15, 2019 for Origin Access Premier members. New subscribers who aren't now a member of an Origin Access plan will be able to get a seven day trial. Origin Access Premier unlocks unprecedented levels of choice and value for players who love PC games.

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