Phillie Phanatic injures fan with flying hot dog

Heads up! The Phillie Phanatic goes into launch mode at a 2016 game

Heads up! The Phillie Phanatic goes into launch mode at a 2016 game

The Philadelphia Phillies mascot the Phillie Phanatic rides a Hatfield Hot Dog cart in the outfield during the game in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Inside Edition Kathy McVay has a shiner after a friendly-fire hot dog.

"It came down with such force, like a ton of bricks", she told "Inside Edition". McVay said she has a small hematoma in her eye, and that her face is sore and must be iced throughout the day. "It's going to go down the side of my face". Unfortunately one of the stadium snacks, which was wrapped in duct tape to keep if from falling apart, struck McVay in the head.

The Phillies reportedly apologized to McVay and invited her to be a guest at a future game. They've offered McVay tickets to another game when she feels better and wants to return. The man suffered a detached retina and sued for negligence, though a jury found neither him nor the Royals at fault in 2015. "Because you never know".

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The Phillie Phanatic uses a cannon-like launcher mounted on a motorized cart to send the hot dogs into the stands between innings.

Wielding his ceremonial hot dog cannon, the Phanatic fired a shot and accidentally injured Phillies fan Kathy McVay when an errant hot dog hit her right between the eyes.

She's not considering legal action, she told ABC 6 News and understands why people might find her story slightly amusing.

Plus McVay is taking it in stride, syaing if it "makes somebody chuckle, then that's fine".

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