Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is Loss Aversion Therapy

Smash Bros. Switch Will be Playable at Nintendo World Week

Super Mario Party Is the Ultimate Party Game for Nintendo Switch

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate combines many stages and new items, with gameplay that makes it easy for players of all skill levels to jump in.

The previously announced Pokemon: Let's Go Pikachu and Let's Go Eevee, and the oncoming Pokeball Plus accessory were also showcased.

Trusted Reviews has compiled everything you need to know about the Nintendo Direct E3 2018 including all the latest news and announcements you need to know. Nintendo isn't really reinventing the wheel here, even if it is picking up the pace of the game to be more like Melee. Fire Emblem Three Houses is available Spring 2019! Invitational 2018, as there will be plenty of viewers who will be excitedly tuning in to see which player will be able to take home the E3 Nintendo Super Smash Bros. In any case, here's everything Nintendo showed off during the stream.

All in all, those hoping for a whole new experience may be disappointed, but when all said and done, this game looks to be more of a refinement of everything that's come before, with "thousands" of little changes being scattered throughout.

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While Ridley is a powerhouse that can toss players around the stage like it's nothing, Inkling is a tactician's dream as you carefully manage your inkbar by using specials and periodically refilling by pressing shield and "B".

Earlier in the broadcast, Nintendo also revealed that Fortnite, the free-to-play battle royale phenomenon popular on phones and consoles alike, is coming to Switch today. Ultimate launches on December 7. We'll just have to see. In case you played the game's demo on Nintendo Switch and liked what you saw, you'll be amazed to find out that another one will be added to the store soon, available on June 14th. Wolf, Ice Climbers and Pokemon Trainer are all back. Solid Freakin' Snake is back.

1722: We now have a title: Say hello to Super Smash Bros Ultimate. All amiibo will be compatible with the upcoming brawler, too. What an awesome surprise! Since launching previous year, the Switch has been a huge success for Nintendo, and the Japanese gaming giant will look to continue its momentum at E3 2018. And that's a wrap for tonight's show!

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