Trump attacks Republican up for re-election with reference to affair

From left Anita Earls John Arrowood Wayne Goodwin Allegra Collins and Toby Hampson

From left Anita Earls John Arrowood Wayne Goodwin Allegra Collins and Toby Hampson

Martin Barry, an American party candidate who is seeking the position of governor, will appear on November's general election ballot. You will need a valid ID to do so.

And before the polls open Tuesday June 12, voters should know you do not have to be affiliated with a particular party to vote in the primaries.

Turnout was generally light, a state election commission spokesman said early Tuesday afternoon.

"If you were to make the list of the top races that are most likely to flip, these races are in the top five, and maybe the top two", said Kyle Kondik, managing editor of the nonpartisan Sabato's Crystal Ball at the University of Virginia's Center for Politics. This is the seat that long-time incumbent Congressman Bob Goodlatte is vacating.

Similarly, incumbent Rep. Dave Brat, a prominent member of the House Freedom Caucus, will have to face one of two Democrats - either Abigail Spanberger and Dan Ward - in the 7th congressional district outside Richmond.

Comstock is facing a primary challenge of her own, from conservative challenger Shak Hill. Jones told 13News now she's challenging Taylor, because she doesn't think he supports the president.

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But this year, some Nevada Democrats who normally wouldn't vote in the midterms say they are turning out to make their voices heard. "Instead, work with the president, work with leadership to get done what we want". Also note that Rep. Bobby Scott (D) is unopposed in overwhelmingly "blue" VA-03; Rep. Don Beyer (D) has a Republican opponent (Thomas Oh) in overwhelmingly Democratic VA-08; and Rep. Gerry Connolly has a Republican opponent (Jeff Dove) in strongly "blue" VA-11. It's been four decades since a Democrat held that seat.

The results will determine whether each party has competitive candidates and may predict whether the GOP or the Democrats will pick up seats in the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate.

Ann Groves Lloyd's tweets include remarks calling former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney a "douche nozzle", the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported Monday.

Republicans in VA-04: Shion Fenty vs. Ryan McAdams is a minister in Williamsburg. State Attorney General Adam Laxalt is widely expected to coast to victory in the Republican primary, but Democrats have seen a fierce battle between two former Clark County commissioners, Christina Giunchigliani and Steve Sisolak.

Corey Stewart, Nick Freitas and E.W. Jackson are vying for the GOP Senate nomination in what's expected to be a hard year for Republicans. He enjoys high name recognition and has a hefty campaign account. Local, state and national Democrats have called on him to drop out of the race in the deep-red district and say they won't support him if he wins.

Sanford was one of the most vocal critics of the president throughout the 2016 campaign, stridently questioning his grasp of the Constitution late in the GOP primaries and demanding that he release his tax returns long after Trump secured the nomination, and has since been a thorn in the side of Trump once he made it to the White House.

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