Uber CEO doubles down on self-driving tests

Uber has been working to find its footing after controversies over its culture and the fatal crash of one of its

Uber CEO doubles down on self-driving tests

Uber ends operations in Arizona as because of the accident and announced its plan to restart autonomous vehicle tests in Pittsburgh, Toronto and San Francisco once officials investigating the Arizona crash finished.

That said, Buffett may view Apple and Uber less as technology companies than strong brands with loyal customers.

"I have a long relationship with Google and we have a trust level", Khosrowshahi explained during the conference. We're having discussions with Waymo.

Khosrowshahi made the statements about Uber's future public plans during an interview with CNBC at the Code Conference in Rancho Palos Verdes, California. "We want to be the A-to-B platform for transportation". He said that Uber's relationship with Waymo was "getting better" since Uber in February agreed to pay Waymo $245m (£184m) in shares to settle a legal dispute over trade secrets.

Uber and Waymo working together? If something happens, great.

Waymo, which declined to comment on speculation of a potential deal with Uber, has been pushing ahead with plans to develop its own fleet of self-driving cars.

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Waymo has also teamed up with Lyft to accelerate the development of self-driving cars.

A woman in Tempe, Arizona was hit and killed by an Uber self-driving vehicle in March.

In early 2017, Waymo filed a lawsuit saying that a former engineer, Anthony Levandowski, took thousands of confidential documents with him when he left the company.

A successful investment by Buffett could have given Uber a much-needed publicity boost, as companies such as Apple Inc. AAPL, +0.12% and Teva Pharmeceuticals TEVA, +0.51% have recently received stock boosts after Buffett's increased stakes were revealed, reports Market Watch.

Uber vows to get back on the road over the summer after a fatal March accident caused by one of its self-driving cars near Phoenix. However, with all Uber put into its self-driving vehicle program (including a high-profile and very expensive lawsuit with Waymo, Google's self-driving auto company), the company isn't about to shrug and write it all off as a loss.

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