Brits set for NATIONWIDE protests ahead of London trip

Trump protests

UK Media Pushes Anti Trump Narrative with ‘How to Protest Visit’ Coverage 8 Jul 2018

It noted that numerous demonstrations are being planned for July 12 to 14, surrounding the visit of the President.

But there are still plenty of detractors, as loudly demonstrated by a passenger in auto driving past the United States flag-adorned pub who shouted "F*** Trump", to which Mr Smyth chuckled.

"It's an insult", Farage, a former leader of the UK Independence Party, said.

"And quite frankly, the president is used to it. It's going to be really fun seeing all of these liberals whose world view was shattered back when he was elected in November 2016".

One such protest will entail a 19-foot-high orange balloon shaped like Trump as a baby, which London Mayor Sadiq Khan - who's feuded with the president - approved under "the right to peaceful protest".

Trump angered May and many Britons by tweeting inflammatory and unverified videos made by Britain First, an anti-Muslim group whose leaders have been convicted of hate crimes, and by characterizing parts of London and other cities as no-go areas because of a purported Muslim-related crime wave.

American nationals have been told to be careful on the streets of London during planned demonstrations against Donald Trump later this week.

"Trump has gone to France, Japan, all across the Middle East".

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There are fears that demonstrations over Trump's three-day visit to the United Kingdom, where he will meet with British Prime Minister Theresa May and Queen Elizabeth, could turn violent.

U.S. President Donald Trump checks time prior to a dinner at the Art and History Museum at the Parc du Cinquantenaire during the NATO Summit in Brussels, Belgium July 11, 2018.

Britain and the United States again showed their solidarity on defence and security in April, when May risked the wrath of a sceptical parliament by joining a US -led bombing campaign against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's forces, after they agreed Assad was behind a chemical weapons attack on civilians in Douma.

Ms Elliott, who is originally from Virginia, said she is hopeful there could be a state visit by Mr Trump next year.

Those sentiments were echoed by Sarah Elliott, 36, chairman of Republicans Overseas UK.

"Give us your tired and your oppressed and we'll divide you from your children", he said of Trump's policies.

"I don't think so but people are free to do so it is a free country".

But the scale of protest comes as no surprise and is unlikely to annoy the president, Ms Elliott said.

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