Georgia woman arrested after cop appears to use coin flip app

Georgia were caught on body-camera flipping a coin to decide if they would arrest a driver

Roswell Police Department Police officers in Georgia were caught on body-camera flipping a coin to decide if they would arrest a driver

The incident raises questions about whether Brown and Wilson have used a coin flip to determine other arrests, either in Roswell or Atlanta.

Body cam footage of the April 7 incident shows Roswell Police Officer Courtney Brown berating 24-year-old hairdresser Sarah Webb, asking her, "So you think driving that fast on a wet road is a smart idea because you're late for work?" Early in the discussion, Brown says she is considering arresting Webb for reckless driving. Roswell, Ga. police officers Courtney Brown and Kristee Wilson made a decision to arrest Webb for speeding after flipping a virtual coin to decide. The heads or tails decision went against Webb who was arrested on the more serious charge of reckless conduct and speeding.

The pair proceeds to arrest Webb who is completely unaware that her fate was decided by a virtual coin flip.

Webb, however, says placing the officers on leave is not punishment enough.

The officers are being dubbed #CoinFlipCops.

The officers then returned to Webb, still waiting at her auto.

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Webb was caught allegedly speeding past a police cruiser in Georgia and was pulled over.

Brown proceeds to open a coin-flipping app on her phone, according to WXIA.

"Nothing in the actions of these two officers is consistent with the Atlanta Police Department's training or its expectations of its sworn personnel", Chafee said. Wilson is heard saying "23', the code for arrest".

The television station reports that the charges against Webb were dropped.

Officers Brown and Wilson were only placed on administrative leave after an unnamed source within the Roswell Police Department told WXIA of the coin flip. She cries as she is being handcuffed, and footage from inside the vehicle shows her sobbing in the back seat. An internal affairs investigation is already underway.

"She said, "I have watched the videos and I absolutely refuse to prosecute this case", Webb said. He said he couldn't discuss details as the investigation is ongoing.

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