Instagram model recovering after shark bite in the Bahamas

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Instagram Model Katarina Zarutskie Savaged by Shark During Bahamas Vacation

Katarina Zarutskie, a nursing student in Miami with almost 28,000 Instagram followers and her own blog, was enjoying a trip to the Bahamas last month when she made a decision to swim with a group of nurse sharks.

According to David Hocher, who owns Staniel Cay marina, people do get bitten from time to time while around the sharks.

She stood up, raised her arm above the water and covered the wound to prevent blood from dripping into the ocean and attracting more sharks, and was able to make it to land without further injuries. Her post about the incident was inundated with criticism. "I leaned back, and then that shark he came and he bit down on my arm and pulled me under", she said.

The 19-year-old is due to start a double-degree in nursing and business in Miami, and is no stranger to the ocean, having grown up doing water sports in her native California. The same could not be said for her family. She was floating as seemingly-docile sharks surrounded her. "I've seen countless photos of people with them on Instagram".

However when she was encouraged to lie back by a local resident, Katarina was bitten by a shark with it pulling her under water for several seconds. "Next thing I knew I was underwater and adrenaline just kicks in", she said.

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Stitches and antibiotics were all that was needed to fix her up-though there are still shark teeth fragments in her arm, and she'll likely have scarring-and Zarutskie doesn't hold a grudge against the shark.

Instagram model Katarina Zarutskie stands alongside nurse sharks in the Bahamas.

She is upset at the way she has been stereotyped and accused of being social-media obsessed and careless.

The vision shows Ms Brunning right at the water's edge as one of the sharks swims in front of her.

"You can't even predict how another human is going to react to situations, let alone an animal".

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