MacBook Pro Brings True Tone to Apple Thunderbolt, LG UltraFine Displays

2018 MacBook Pro brings True Tone support to LG UltraFine, Apple Thunderbolt displays

Apple's new MacBook Pros have a fix for their failing keyboard problems

Apple has a new program to address the matter, and the company is facing class-action suits because of it.

For those of you that prefer to work on your MacBook Pro using an external monitor, this is good news. Its likely that the stock availability of the 13-inch, as well as the 15-inch MacBook Pro, will expand over the next week as Apple ships out more stock of the laptop. Surprisingly, the third compatible monitor is Apple's own Thunderbolt Display, which has been discontinued for several years now.

2018 MacBook Pro brings True Tone support to LG UltraFine, Apple Thunderbolt displays
MacBook Pro keyboards may have gotten a secret upgrade

After announcing the new models on Thursday, Apple today has made its latest MacBook Pro with Touch Bar variants available for in-store pickup. Besides the fact that the keys have less travel than the keyboards that preceded them and can be annoyingly loud when typing, they are prone to malfunctions or failing completely when dust or crumbs make their way into the butterfly key mechanism. Apple confirmed the new keyboard isn't created to fix the dust issue, so things are still up in the air for now. They've got upgraded processors, true tone displays and a QUIETER keyboard. Although this is just an opinion, iFixit has backed up its claim with an Apple patent, that shows the exact same design, even being labeled that the membrane was created to "prevent and/or alleviate contaminant ingress". We suspected at the time that Apple fixed the major keyboard issue that's been affecting all MacBook Pros since the 2016 redesign, but Apple would not confirm it officially. Before publishing their customary teardown video for new devices, their gadget experts found an interesting rubberized layer underneath the keycaps of the keyboard, according to a statement.

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