Man Attacks Adam "Pacman" Jones at Atlanta Airport, Ends Up in Hospital

Adam Jones was attacked in an airport Tuesday night

Adam 'Pacman' Jones Involved in Fight at Atlanta Airport, Employee Arrested

On Wednesday, Jones found himself in another off field incident, this time at Hartsfield-Jackson Airport in Atlanta, when he got in a fist fight with an employee. Jones approached Ragin and a verbal altercation ensued.

Jones, who fought back after some initial hesitation, told the woman to "watch out" before punching Ragin.

Ragin was determined as the aggresor by officials and was arrested and charged with two counts of battery.

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Ryan Gaydos is an editor for Fox News. TMZ Sports reports that cops responded shortly after the brawl and arrested Ragin on two counts of battery, claiming he was the instigator and Jones was simply defending himself. During the course of the fight Ragin also struck a companion of Jones, causing an injury to her hand. Jones and his companion refused medical treatment. He missed the entire 2007 season, banned by Roger Goodell. Jones has always been a talented player, but a temperamental one on and off the field, which has led to some issues.

The Cincinnati Bengals opted not to pickup Jones' option for the 2018 season in March making him a free agent.

More recently, Jones was suspended for the first game of last season after an altercation in January 2017 which led to him pleading guilty to a misdemeanor obstruction assault charge. The airline staffer, not the National Football League player, made first contact by attacking with a closed first, authorities claim.

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