Nasarawa Govt. offers free hepatitis screening for 1000 persons


Free hepatitis testing in downtown PG

Adults at high risk for Hepatitis B should also be vaccinated, including: Health care workers and those who live with someone who has hepatitis B, people with end-stage kidney disease, chronic liver disease, or HIV infection, people with multiple sex partners and men who have sex with other men and those who use recreational injectable drugs.

The WHO, in a statement, yesterday, said: "Viral hepatitis B and C affect 325 million people around the world".

The only way to know if you have hepatitis C is a blood test, called a hepatitis C antibody test. About 40 million people live with chronic hepatitis B in the region while an estimated 10 million live with chronic hepatitis C. Urgent action is needed to find, test and treat the missing millions suffering viral hepatitis, World Health Organization said. Hepatitis viruses are the most common cause of hepatitis in the world but other infections, toxic substances (e.g. alcohol, certain drugs), and autoimmune diseases can also cause hepatitis. Without treatment, hepatitis C can lead to serious liver problems, including cirrhosis (scarring of the liver) or liver cancer.

WHO will focus on the theme: "Test. Treat. Hepatitis" for World Hepatitis Day 2018 events. In 2016, in light of the public health burden of viral hepatitis, and persisting gaps in prevention and response, the World Health Assembly approved WHO's first Global Health Sector Strategy on Viral Hepatitis 2016-2021. The day is an opportunity to highlight one of the world's most pressing public health issues.

Who's most at risk for hepatitis C? Of these, almost 25%, i.e. over 1 million, may develop chronic liver disease within 2 decades and 1%-4% of them may develop liver cancer.

It often doesn't have any specific symptoms until significant liver damage is caused.

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Hepatitis is the inflammation of liver tissue.

Think about health risks if you are planning to get a tattoo or body piercing. To facilitate this, the government needs to have in place hepatitis screening facilities in all upazila hospitals and children also need to be immunised with Hepatitis B vaccine free.

Any person with a history of blood transfusion or surgery, or a history of jaundice, or if a family member has liver disease, should undergo testing.

Hepatitis C is curable and hepatitis B is treatable but without finding the missing millions needless deaths will continue.

Acute Hepatitis B usually does not require medical treatment. It used the services of Amitabh Bachchan in its campaign, introduced vaccination in the infant immunisation program towards the beginning of this decade, and has very cleverly introduced Hepatitis B screening in the antenatal check up; this is crucial as the cycle of infection uses the mother-infant route.

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