Orioles Discontinue Online Promotion With Papa John's

Papa John Schnatter- The Founder CEO & President of Papa John's Pizza

Papa John Schnatter- The Founder CEO & President of Papa John's Pizza

Schnatter, who appears in the chain's commercials and on its pizza boxes, remains chairman of the board at the pizza chain.

It all started towards the end of last year, when the pizza chain's then-CEO John Schnatter blamed slumping sales on the National Football League protests against police brutality and racial injustice in this country, a move that scored him fans in the alt-right (Papa John's was the official National Football League pizza sponsor until February of this year.) Schnatter then stepped down as the company's CEO, but remained the head of the board and the public face of the company. Papa John's got a taste of that past year, when Schnatter stepped down as CEO after blaming disappointing pizza sales on the outcry surrounding football players kneeling during the national anthem.

In a press release late Wednesday night, Papa John's announced John's resignation, and said a new Chairman of the Board will be appointed in the coming weeks. Also being renamed is John H. Schnatter Center for Free Enterprise at the university's business college.

Pizza-craving baseball fans have other - and, frankly, better - options at Target Field, including Pizza Lucé (Section 234), by-the-slice Freschetta (Sections 122 and 318), and stone-oven personals (Carew Atrium).

Friday's decision did not touch on UofL's ties with Papa John's as a company, including an exclusive deal that allows only Papa John's pizza to be sold in the stadium.

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The stadium's name will be changed from Papa John's Cardinal Stadium to simply Cardinal Stadium.

Schnatter had used the slur during a media training exercise in May, Forbes reported this week.

Papa John's Pizza will remove images of ousted company founder "Papa" John Schnatter from future marketing materials, according to a report on Friday. The company's shares, which had fallen almost 5 percent Wednesday, rebounded 11 percent Thursday after the company announced Schnatter's resignation as chairman. Several people told Friedland how inappropriate and hurtful his use of the word was. He apologized to her, adding that he didn't want to be a "distraction", she said.

The company can not afford to alienate customers, with sales already under pressure from rivals such as Domino's.

Target Field has announced it will "indefinitely suspend" the sale of Papa John's pizza following comments made by the company's former CEO, according to a Minnesota Twins spokesperson. Today, it has more than 3,400 locations in North America.

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