Samsung’s bendy ‘unbreakable panel’ gets certified for the world

Samsung announces new 'unbreakable' display that survives punishing UL certification

Samsung Has Apparently Created An ‘Unbreakable’ OLED Display Panel

Samsung Display made an announcement earlier today that they have developed an "unbreakable" OLED panel and that the display has been certified by Underwriters Laboratories.

Obviously developed primarily for smartphones, this new flexible OLED panel will also be offered for use in other electronic devices such as portable game consoles, military devices, e-learning tablets, and in-car displays.

The durability test done by UL for its certification uses standards set by the US Department of Defense.

While Samsung is likely to promote their new unbreakable OLED display on their new Note smartphone launching on August 9th, Apple is likely to stick with Gorilla Glass 6 that was just announced last week. Flexible displays now commercially available tend to shatter when subjected to severe impact. Even in a subsequent 1.8m drop test, Samsung Display's panel operated normally with no sign of damage.

The testing, done by UL, was a series of drops. For those waiting for the hype cycle to clear before taking the technology seriously, this means Samsung's newest OLED panel is, for all intents and purposes, unbreakable. At the same time, Samsung has managed to produce a plastic cover with a weight, transmissivity, and hardness "very similar to glass".

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In a practical sense, however, this just doesn't tell us that much. There's also a plastic "overlay window" attached to it, according to Samsung.

The statement said that instead of glass, which is usually used in the production of displays, Samsung engineers put the "reinforced plastic sheeting". It also tested the screen in temperatures between -32 degrees and 71 degrees to determine how well it would function in extreme temperatures.

Until Samsung presents a working product to market, we will not know some of the important characteristics of their unbreakable displays.

OF NOTE: The above test isn't exactly scientifically lab-test ideal.

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