SHAMELESS: Democrat Says Strzok Should Receive PURPLE HEART for Anti-Trump Texts

Peter Strzok the FBI agent facing criticism following a series of anti Trump text messages walks to gives a deposition before the House Judiciary Committee on Capitol Hill in Washington. Strzok whose anti-Trump

FBI agent: My work has never been tainted by political bias

Strzok, who was removed by Special Counsel Robert Mueller from the Russian Federation probe, swore he never let his political opinions affect his work.

"Mr. Strzok, you are under subpoena and are required to answer the question", Goodlatte said. Gohmert shouted, turning back toward Strzok. Goodlatte stressed that it was the committee's practice and that there was an agreement to keep closed-door hearings private while an investigation is ongoing.

Strzok, who is testifying on Capitol Hill under subpoena, was faced with several heated exchanges during the day's questioning.

He will say that he has never allowed personal opinions to infect his work and that he knew information during the campaign that could have damaged Trump but never contemplated leaking it.

An FBI agent whose anti-Trump text messages fueled suspicions of partisan bias told lawmakers Thursday that his work has never been tainted by politics and that the intense scrutiny he is facing represents "just another victory notch in Putin's belt".

Strzok worked on FBI investigations into both Clinton's use of an email server and potential co-ordination between Russian Federation and Trump's campaign. Strzok was pulled off the Mueller investigation a year ago after the Justice Department's internal watchdog made the special prosecutor aware of the texts.

"I testify today with significant regret, recognizing that my texts have created confusion and caused pain for people I love", Strzok said.

Goodlatte, who was chairing the joint hearing, brought up Strzok's text messages in reference to what he thought about Trump supporters, asking "what does Trump support smell like?" and also asked if he thought the president's base was made up of "hillbillies". "No he won't. We'll stop it".

"If I could give you a Purple Heart, I would".

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"Donald Trump's behavior makes him unacceptable as a candidate for president and I won't vote for him", continued Connolly, reading the words of Rep. Martha Roby of Alabama.

He said the text, written late at night and off-the-cuff, reflected his belief that the American public would not stomach such "horrible, disgusting behavior" by the Republican presidential candidate.

First, it would be highly unusual in this context to say "we" in referring to the electorate.

The response was met with some applause in the committee room. He described the texts as "hate filled and biased". He concluded a long oration on his own behalf by stating that the accusation that his anti-Trumpism affected his professional conduct "deeply corrodes what the Federal Bureau of Investigation is in American society, the effectiveness of their mission, and it is deeply destructive".

"Let me be clear, unequivocally and under oath: not once in my 26 years of defending my nation did my personal opinions impact any official action I took", Strzok told the committees.

Trump went after the parents of Humayun Khan after they appeared at the Democratic National Convention in 2016.

That set up perhaps the most pivotal moment of the ongoing hearing, as Mr Strzok attempted to defend his, and the FBI's, integrity and explained that the texts in questions came after Mr Trump insulted the Muslim parents of a slain USA soldier. In it, Strzok describes his reluctance to work on behalf of the special counsel, and that seemed to imply he didn't think there would be substantial findings of collusion between Russian Federation and the Trump campaign team.

Trump and his allies have suggested the texts are proof of a so-called deep state conspiracy against him, and that the Mueller probe is a politically motivated "witch hunt".

Trump - who mocks Page and Strzok as the "FBI lovers" - blasted Page's decision not to appear Thursday in a tweet, lamenting the "corruption on the other side" and again calling out Attorney General Jeff Sessions to do something about it.

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