Sharif, Maryam face arrest on arrival

Pakistan       by Associated Press of Pakistan | Published

Pakistan by Associated Press of Pakistan | Published

Maryam last evening shared her flight details to return to Pakistan with media persons. Political analysts say Nawaz and his daughter will try to win the sympathies that can play a role in the success in the elections. She said she will reach Lahore airport on Friday at 6:15 pm by Ittehad Airways' flight EY-243.

Sharif and Maryam will face arrest on arrival in Pakistan just before the election, in which his party is in a tight race with opposition figure Imran Khan's party.

They are likely to be arrested upon arrival at the Lahore airport.

"So far we have not been successful but his homes are being monitored", a NAB official said.

The former first family's son-in-law, retired Capt. Muhammad Safdar Awan, who was sentenced to a year in jail for abetting beside Sharif and Nawaz was arrested by NAB authorities Sunday evening from a rally meant to display PML-N's (Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz) power and showcase support of the masses in the garrison city of Rawalpindi. Both were also ordered to pay hefty fines, while retired captain Safdar who is now under arrest, was sentenced to one year imprisonment.

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The NAB said in a statement that Safdar handed himself in. Meanwhile, PML-N spokesperson Marriyum Aurenzeb said Sharif and Maryam will arrive in Lahore on Friday via Abu Dhabi on a foreign airline.

"Nawaz made the country an atomic power", he said, lamenting that PML-N's victory will defeat the verdict against Nawaz.

Both Nawaz Sharif and his daughter are now in London to look after Mr Sharif's wife, Begum Kulsoom Nawaz, who is suffering from throat cancer and has been on ventilator since June 14 after a cardiac arrest.

Sharif and his children have been in Britain since June attending to his ailing wife Kulsoom, who is being treated for cancer and is in a coma after suffering a heart attack last month.

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