Third-party app developers scan through your Gmail

Software Developers are Scanning the Inboxes of Gmail Users

App developers have been reading your Gmail, and it's alarmingly common

In this age of the Facebook Cambridge Analytica scandal, people are now very conscious about giving access to third-party users since these may not always be aboveboard and may use the data for nefarious reasons.

Frey also reiterated the existing data controls users have at their disposal to examine the permissions they have given to third-party apps and take back the same authorization if necessary.

In 2017, Google announced it would no longer scan Gmail to personalise advertisements.

"Nevertheless, privacy advocates and many tech industry executives say opening access to email data risks similar leaks", the report said.

Accurately represent themselves. Apps should not misrepresent their identity and must be clear about how they are using your data.

But it turns out that your email isn't perfectly confidential as actual humans might be reading the emails you send and receive.

It detailed how companies such as Return Path and Edison Software review Gmail users' emails to help them train their company's software and build new email features for marketing and other purposes.

Google says the practice isn't against its policies.

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"Some people might consider that to be a dirty secret", says Mr. Loder. "It's kind of reality", he told the Journal. Frey stressed that Google does this with a vetting process in place.

A year ago, Google promised to stop scanning the inboxes of Gmail users but the company has not done much to protect Gmail inboxes obtained by outside software developers, according to the newspaper.

Developers use software called an application programming interface (API) to create and connect applications with Google's services.

The Wall Street Journal originally reported that two apps in particular have admitted to reading emails. Gmail's primary business model is to sell our paid email service to organizations as a part of G Suite. Head over to the Security Checkup page to check which app have access to your data and revoke anything you're unhappy about.

Google is allowing app developers to sift through your Gmail account.

Despite assuring users to "remain confident that Google will keep privacy and security paramount", the search giant is still reportedly allowing third-party app developers scan through Gmail accounts, the Wall Street Journal has claimed.

If you click on any of these apps, a dropdown box will offer more detail about the type of data it can collect.

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